LEWISTON – Teacher Lori Cloutier’s Holy Cross School third-grade class recently held a bake sale to benefit the American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund. The sale is another Holy Cross School endeavor in world community giving, prompted by the need resulting from the disaster overseas.

Abby Roy, who spearheaded the effort, first heard about the recent tsunami disaster while watching Nickelodeon. Later she and her classmates learned more about tsunamis during discussions with their teacher.

“We learned that tsunamis are a result of earthquakes that shake the water and cause big waves to splash into the land,” said Roy.

After learning about the tsunami devastation and the children who had lost their families and homes, Roy and her classmates wanted to do something to help. Roy’s first idea for a fund-raiser was a dime drive, but the school already had an ongoing “Pennies for the Poor” program in place. That’s when she suggested a bake sale.

“I asked Mrs. Cloutier and then our principal, Mr. Chabot, who said yes,” said Roy. “We asked everyone to bake something and bring it in for the sale and they did.”

The class set up bake sale stations all around their classroom and students at each station waited on customers and counted out change. Each class was invited in turn to visit the classroom to purchase goodies.

The fund-raising goal was set at $200. At the day’s end, with the support of staff, students and parents, they more than doubled what they had set out to raise.

“They raised $474” said Cloutier. “Besides being a great lesson in math, this effort is a reflection of what we teach out students everyday – to be generous and giving, to count our blessings and help others in need.”

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