The Lewiston streets are in a lamentable condition and there seems to be no remedy offered, except to wait for nature’s own evaporating process to rid the streets of the surplus snow. To say the least, it has been many years since the streets of Lewiston presented such a spectacle at this season of the year, as they do now. The main streets are covered with snow to the depth of two or more feet in some places and the past few warm days have produced slush and ice, and not only rendered the sleighing very poor, but leaving the streets and sidewalks in a miserable condition for pedestrians.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Lewiston and Auburn reported 13 cases each of communicable diseases for the week ending Feb. 19. The report issued by the State Bureau of Health included in Auburn: 11 cases of mumps, one chickenpox and one of streptococcal nasopharyngitis (infectious nose and throat condition). Lewiston had nine mumps cases, three measles and one of whooping cough.

A Lewiston businessman was fined $100 and costs at Lewiston municipal court today for selling beer on Sunday, and a similar charge against another was scheduled for hearing March 2.

25 Years Ago, 1980

You may not have noticed it, but one-third of Auburn’s billboards have already been removed from the city’s streets. That third was the amount of signs previously owned by J. Donnelly & Sons of South Portland, located on the city’s primary roads, and recently acquired by the state under the billboard law.

The signs which have been removed by the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT), at a cost of about $200 per sign, total 26 in the city of Auburn. There are still 52 outdoor signs in the city, 11 located on the primary road system, and 41 on secondary roads. The 11 on the primary road system are scheduled to be removed by Jan. 1, 1982, the 41 secondary roads by Jan., 1984.

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