More than one billion pounds of coffee, valued at 88 million dollars, came into the United States last year, practically all for the use of people of the United States. The total quantity of coffee imported from foreign countries during the year, as shown by figures, recently issued by the Department of Commerce and Labor through its Bureau of Statistics, was 1,112,703,546 pounds, valued at $87,427,000, and from Porto Rico, 2,391,524 pounds, and from the Hawaiian Islands, 1,827,491 pounds.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Vice President Nixon today urged earliest possible completion of the Inter-American Highway from the Texas border to the Panama Canal. Gaps remain in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico in that 1,680-mile portion of the road. Nixon, on a tour of Caribbean and Central American countries, said the present U.S. policy of “dribbling out funds” is uneconomical.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The nation’s first new tank in 22 years, powered by a turbine engine and twice as fast as the current model, rolls off the production line today after 10 years of development. The Army eventually hopes to buy 7,000 of the 60 ton XM-1, though it has authorization for only 3,900 and is holding the first year’s production by Chrysler Corp to 110 while it makes sure all the bugs are worked out. Almost all the Army’s 11,000 tanks – the Russians have an estimated 50,000 – are M-60 models, which have been in production since 1958.

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