Let me tell you about my day so far. I woke up this morning and went to do my usual morning routine. But, when I rolled out of bed, I noticed everything was so much bigger than normal! I thought I was still asleep so I hit myself to wake myself up. I realized it hurt, and then it dawned on me that things were larger than life! I opened my mouth to scream, but the sound I expected didn’t come out. I heard a buzz!

I went to run to the mirror, but then I comprehended that I wasn’t touching the floor! I was flying!

“BUZZ!” I went to scream again, but I only got the buzz!

Then I finally took a gaze into the mirror, and I had turned into a bee! I had a furry black and yellow body, two fuzzy antennae, cracky, flaky wings, and six legs! I had six legs, not the normal two, but six, and they were all full of hair! I suddenly had the urge for a warm bubble bath and my pink razor! Why me, why me!

I was no longer five foot five; I wasn’t even five inches tall! I was horrified! It occurred to me that I would no longer be able to participate in basketball and track, and that was just the last straw! But then a thought started to form in my head. I could sting the people I didn’t like! OH, this might not be so bad!

“I will do it,” I said to myself. I would live! As I glanced up at the clock, I noticed that it was almost 8:30. I had to get to school. I waited until the right moment when the door would be open, and then presto! I was out of the house.

It just was all going too well, when it happened. The wind was so fierce, and the snow was hitting my sides so badly that I had to get in a closed place, or I would die! I felt so defenseless and so meek that I wished I could cry!

“Vroom, vroom, slam!” The sounds I heard were of the truck starting and the doors slamming,

“If only I could get up the hill with them!” I spoke to myself. “Maybe I could get to school that way!”

“Let’s go, Tasha, Becky probably already left, and Ally’s going up with mom!”

My dad hollered, “Move it!”

I fought the wind and the snow and finally made it into the bed of the truck just before they pulled out of the driveway.

When I got to school finally, I realized I was a target. Everywhere I turned people were trying to catch me or hit me. I feared for my life.

I decided to go into the one safe place that no kid would ever look for a bee, the trash. It smelled so disgusting that I though I might gag. I mean please, get some Lysol!

I would only move around when class was in session and would retreat to my post at the trashcan when the bell would sound, I was free to roam the halls and do as I pleased. This was the life.

Finally, during fourth period I saw Mrs. Gagne. Yes, this was my chance! I hid behind a corner, and as soon as she walked by, I headed right for her nose!

“EEEK!” she screamed and ducked just in time.

I missed her completely, and now she was trying to swat me with her manual!

“BUZZ!” I shrieked at her angrily.

Well, I thought to myself, since I can’t sting Mrs. Gagne, I might as well follow Tyler around and get in on some secrets. So all through that day, I stayed in Tyler’s pocket and found out some of his secrets.

The bell rang at 2:30 to go home, and I had the knowledge of everything sacred and holy about Tyler. This was going to be great when I got to school tomorrow, I thought.

Suddenly, the room began to spin, and I felt nauseous.

“Somebody help me, help me!” I cried in a panic-stricken state.

“Beep, beep, beep, beep, meep, beep, beep, beep, beep!” My alarm sounded. Then I thought, “My alarm? Did I black out for that long?” I felt my head for antennae, but they weren’t there. I didn’t have wings, and my legs were shaved, yea! What happened yesterday? All I remember was that I was a bee, and I was in someone’s pocket, and guy’s cologne? Whoa! What a weird dream!

But, when I got to school that morning, I had the weirdest sensations to hide by the trash, reach into Tyler’s pocket, and have some honey!

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