Lewiston High School and Edward Little High School have always been known as across-the-bridge rivals. Competition is always intense and victory is found to be bittersweet. Yet, in times of crisis, these two schools know how to come together in a very big, beneficial way.

The Student Council at Lewiston High School has been working very hard to raise money for tsunami relief. With them, is Edward Little High School. Both schools have come together in friendly competition, to see who can raise the most money.

Mr. Thomas Stocker, a freshman science teacher at LHS, is one of the people in charge of our fund raising. One of Mr. Stocker’s friends, from the US-Aide, communicated with him about the tsunami and how many many homes were destroyed and how many people were in need. Mr. Stocker thought it would be a great idea to start a fund raiser within the walls of LHS. With the help of Assistant Principal John Bouchles, Mr. Bernard Fortier, Mr. Michael McGraw, and Mrs. Doreen St. Laurent, the fund raiser got into full swing.

When talking to Mr. Stocker, he stated two important main points. We teens are the future. By donating money and/or collecting bottles and cans, we can feel as though we made a difference. This lets us know we are not as powerless as we think. Not only that, but Lewiston and Auburn are coming together as one and showing our cities that everyone, everyone, can make a difference.

The Student Council has been collecting bottles and cans and going around during the daily lunches asking for support and donations. Just by donating a dollar, you can really help out in a big way. It is a dollar more than what we had, a dollar more towards reaching our goal. If money is donated to the American Red Cross, 91% of it will be given directly to victims of the tsunami while the remaining 9% will be coordinated into getting the victims what they need. It is never too late to make a donation and contribute. I promise you, you will feel better at the end of the day and many people overseas will forever thank you. So please, get out today and help.

Finally, thank you to Lewiston High School and Edward Little High School. Their achievement and dedication is amazing. This has been a job well done!

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