It looks as if it will be some weeks yet before Lewiston and Auburn people can be enjoying strawberries. Last year at this time, the strawberries were quite plentiful. Owing to a heavy frost which killed many of the plants in Florida a few weeks ago has made the delay. In Boston, strawberries are bringing fifty and sixty cents a box but at this price, local merchants feel that there would not be enough demand to warrant them having any sent down here.

50 Years Ago, 1955

House Armed Services Committee voted 30-0 today to give career men in the armed services pay raises running from 6 to 25 percent. House approval is expected Thursday, with Senate action to follow, President Eisenhower asked the legislation, in order to cut down on what military officials described as a dangerous and expensive loss of good men who leave for jobs in private life.

The Army proudly reported today an invention that, as far as the ordinary soldier is concerned, may rank with the great technological military achievements of all time. It has produced a tent with picture windows. Well, anyway, windows. Along each side of its new squad tents will be rows ofd vinyl-film windows that roll as easily as canvas.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The newly-equipped regional photo lab at the Farmington Municipal Building opened officially Friday at 10 a.m. for the use of police officers from Farmington, Wilton, Jay, Rangeley, Maine State Police and Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. The lab was equipped through a federal grant from awards received from the Law Enforcement Association Agency. Men from the Jay and Wilton departments are to be trained at the facility as soon as possible. The photo lab also has an intercom system so the dispatcher and police chief can remain in contact with the officers when work is being done in the dark room.

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