Revision’s second record, “What It Is” opens with the carpe diem attitude of the song “Storm.” – “Embrace the day, you waste away…we can take the world by storm.” The album is a fresh revival of jam music combining elements of both jazz and funk, creating a ride through sixteen tracks, all of which are as fresh as the previous cut. The record contains both upbeat songs inspiring one to make the best of life, and others to promote the melancholy attitude that things will never change.

The Ithaca-based band’s sophomore effort released in November of 2004 follows the path set forth by their first album, Broken Art (2002). Both albums rely on the strengths of all the band members; Nick Bullock (guitar/vocals), Jason Pratt (bass/vocals), Jon Petronzio (keys/vocals) and Devon Reehl (percussion). The members met at Ithaca College, NY and worked hard to fund Broken Art independently. Revision enjoys a small but loyal fan base in the Northwest, Midwest and South. While playing numerous shows (including one-hundred in 2004) the band began work on “What It Is” under Relevant records. The band produced the record with help from Josh Sularski.

What is most inspiring about Revision is their devotion to playing music they enjoy. They do not compromise their style even though there is not much of a market for jazz/funk music. In an interview in 2003 with “The Revolving Door,” Revision recognized major record labels would not be apt to sign a band like them but they maintained the most important thing to them is their artistic integrity. Jam bands such as the Grateful Dead and Phish gained success by relentless touring, something Revision is dedicated to do also.

Revision is one of those rare gems that are scarce in the music world today. “What It Is” embodies all human emotions creating songs that listeners can relate to. Whether the songs are happy or sorrowful with “What It Is,” Revision accomplishes the primary goal for music, which is to move people.

Key Tracks: “Storm,” “Great Unwind,” “Ithaca Weather,” “Intuition,” “Resolution.”

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