As the light snow of a winter’s afternoon fell,

I dressed myself for the cold sting of the winter’s air.

As I took my first step into the powdery blanket that

covered the land,

I knew I was going it have fun.

I trudged through the half foot of snow,

Dragging my toboggan behind me.

I sat down on my sled at the top of the hill,

Looking at its steep slope now I could do it.

I pushed off the snow bank,

Plummeting down the hill.

As the powdered snow swirled behind my,

The wind swept my hair back,

And the cold air stung my ears.

As the sled came to a halt,

I sat there and recalled by trip,

Realizing I wanted to do it again.

As I was starting to stand up,

I fell to my back, yelping in pain,

Then a sharp pain shot up my spine,

I stopped moving

I was crippled with pain.

When the pain finally faded slowly away,

I fumed my head to the right to see what had hit me

like a freight train.

There sat my dog staring at me,

Panting, and begging for attention

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