A. M. Dunham of Norway is making a couple pair of sample snowshoes to be used by Lieut. R. E. Peary in his next Arctic exploring expedition. It is probable that this is the forerunner of an order of a complete supply for the expedition.

Louis Martineau of New Auburn has just had a New England telephone put in; No. 707-53.

A. L. Cole has closed his confectionery and cigar store near the Little Androscoggin bridge.

50 Years Ago, 1955

President Eisenhower may visit New Hampshire’s famous Old Man of the Mountains in Franconia Notch as part of a celebration marking the 150th birthday of the famous profile this Summer. The 45-foot granite face stands atop a 1200-foot cliff. It has been a top New England tourist attraction since its discovery by white men in 1805.

A sick parakeet threatens Central Maine’s big poultry industry, Sen. Dow (R-Waldoboro) said today. Dow, a hatchery operator, said the bird has parrot fever – a type of virus pneumonia that could wreak havoc among the turkey, broiler and other poultry flocks in the region.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Whether the prime goal is saving money on fuel, keeping your home as warm as you like or simply beautifying a room, wood burning stoves and furnaces have turned into 1980’s hottest conservation devices – with Americans across the land slated to spend more than $1 billion by year end on wood stoves, furnaces and accessories.

Two couples were awarded cars in the Great Dance Marathon of 1980, co-sponsored by Giant Advance and WLAM of Auburn and judged by the Lewiston-Auburn Jaycees. The marathon began with 20 couples at 1 p.m. Thursday in the Giant Advance showroom and ended just over 70 hours later Sunday afternoon. Two 1980 automobiles were awarded to Bertram Allen and Diane Westley, and Miroswas and Joy Szulnski. The second place winner, Vorse Trott and Janis Cote, received $1,000 worth of furniture and body work for their car.

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