A frightful accident occurred on Warren Avenue, Lewiston, yesterday morning, when the earth gave way under the team owned by Mr. Saucier, and the horse was precipitated several feet into the opening which was filled with water and mud, and according to a statement made by an eye witness of the accident, “the horse completely disappeared from sight.” It seems that a supply pipe from the water main had burst, resulting in a big underground washout.

50 Years Ago, 1955

President Eisenhower pledged today the United States will continue to maintain a “fair share” of its land, sea and air forces in Europe to guard against Communist attack. In a special message to premiers of seven European Allies, the President said he will keep American units deployed in and around Europe “while a threat to that area exists.”

Twin City residents basked in warm sunshine yesterday as the mercury skyrocketed to a high of 51 degrees at 3 p.m., only three degrees short of the all-time record. Spring really was in the air as folks got out their rubbers to wade across streets and sidewalks covered with slush and water from melting snow.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The Twin Cities got their first taste of gasohol Monday when two Amoco stations began selling the fuel. Gasohol, the mixture of 10 percent denatured grain alcohol into a gasoline base, has been turning up for sale as an alternative to gasoline in filling stations around the country. Monday was Lewiston-Auburn’s turn. “Gasohol seems to be popular,” said William Pescosolido, president of T&M Oil Co. of Lewiston, which is distributing the product. T&M, a subsidiary of Lido Oil Co. of New Hampshire, delivered gasohol to Amocos station on Main Street in Lewiston and Rte. 4 in Auburn.

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