This past week at St. Peter and Sacred Heart School we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. Catholic Schools Week is about celebrating Catholic education. Catholic Schools Week is the equivalent to public schools spirit week.

The first day of Catholic Schools Week was Sun., Jan. 30. We celebrated mass at St. Peter and Paul Basilica in Lewiston and Sacred Heart Church in Auburn. At St. Peters and Paul Basilica Father Robert Lariviere celebrated mass. At Sacred Heart Church Father Frank Murray celebrated mass. Children from St. Peter and Sacred Heart School were readers and alter servers at each mass.

On Mon., Jan. 31 we had PTO Appreciation Day. There are 71 people signed up to do things on the PTO. That day all the students sent home cards to their parents thanking them for all they do. For helping the students in fund raisers and participating in school events such as field trips. None of these things would be possible without our PTO and Parent Volunteers and this day was meant to thank them.

On Tues., Feb. 1, we had open house and grandparents luncheon. To make the luncheon possible Wal-mart gave us a $500 grant. With this money we bought 10 20 lbs, turkeys, 16 cans of cranberries, 120 lbs. of potatoes, and we also had corn and carrots. There were around 360 people that showed up for the luncheon and 21 parents that served the meal. It was a wonderful time for the students to spend some time with their grandparents and show off their school.

Wed., Feb. 2 was Staff Appreciation Day. The staff had an Italian candle light dinner that was put on by the PTO. Each staff member received a $10 gift certificate to Davinci’s Restaurant. There were 5 door prizes, Mrs. Rita Desjardins, the 7th grade teacher, won a ceramic pasta, bowl. It was a wonderful way to show our love for all the great teachers at SPSHS.

On Thurs., Feb. 3 we had kindergarten registration and Quiz Kids that night. Quiz Kids has been done intermittently from 1995-2005. To make Quiz Kids possible Mrs. Lori Bowen, the 5th grade teacher, started a committee, which consisted of Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn, Mrs. Valerie Ouellette, Miss Jen Poliquin and Mrs. Susan Derector. The committee decided on an adult panel and how the game would be played. The teachers then wrote questions and sent them to the committee. The adult panel consisted of Norman Guay, the Mayor of Auburn; Paul Morin, the School Board President; Paul Landry, the owner of Mac’s Grill; Donna Stekino, President and CEO of Community Credit Union, Father Kevin Martin and Father Frank Murray, both priests at Sacred Heart Church and Deacon Dennis Mailhot and John Cronin both school board member.

Students from grades 4-8 competed against the adult panel answering questions from each grades curriculum. Tori Mae Couture, a 5th grade student said that ‘the event was very fun and it went very well.” Paul Morin also said “the event went very well.” Of course, the students beat the adults. Great job kids!

Fri., February 4 was Student Appreciation Day. All the students and teachers got a dress down day. At 9:30 we had a Magic Show. The Magician name was Stephan The Great. We asked Catherine Clukey, a 6th grade student, how she felt about the Magic Show, She said, ” it was pretty good”. We also asked Joseph Stalford, a 7th grader, how it was and he said, “It was sweet!” Stephen the Great did all sorts of tricks from card tricks to making a rabbit appear out of thin air. This Catholic Schools Week was fun. All the students enjoyed it and it is fun to have a week just for Catholic Schools. We can’t wait to see what the school does to celebrate next year!

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