LEWISTON – Holy Cross Junior High School students had their first opportunity to use laptop computers in the classroom beginning in February.

Bringing laptops to the students began with the vision of Holy Cross Principal Shawn Chabot and was made a reality through the dedication of Holy Cross parent Jim Dumas, who configured and networked the 24 laptops.

Students now have access to the Internet to complete research for classes across the curriculum. All junior high teachers will be able to integrate a variety of writing and multimedia projects using the laptops.

In addition, teacher Louise Schutt will offer a weekly course to all the junior high students to help familiarize them with basic word processing, spreadsheets and PowerPoint programs.

Providing laptops is the first step toward enhancing the technology program throughout the student body and staff at Holy Cross.

With funding gained from the success of the annual Holy Cross auction, the school will continue to enhance the curriculum. According to Chabot, long-term plans for the school include creating a computer resource center that will incorporate traditional print material and electronic resources.

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