On Wed., Feb. 16, Lewiston Middle School celebrated the successes of its students with its annual Pride Assembly. Students received various awards and some students performed for the students and faculty.

Scholar athletes are those students who played a fall and winter sport and made the academic honor roll both quarters. Eighth grade scholar athletes are Kelsey Cote, Kathryn DeAngelis and Lisa Filmore. Seventh grade scholar athletes are Ruth Choate, Patricia Defose, Carley Denis, Chris Jacques and Matt Beauparlant.

Each team nominated students for scholarship, citizenship, sportsmanship and unsung hero awards.

The scholarship award was presented to these seventh graders: Bethany Lebel, Michelle Caron, Zachary Castonguay, Chandel Bouthot, Hannah Fazio, Carley Denis, Angela Martel, Amy Young, Kyle Rousseau, Jennifer Bergeron, Michael Wong, Nimal Eames-Scott, Shane Eliasen and Jamie Swart. Eighth grade scholars are Kathleen Bouchard, Kelsey Cote, Kathryn DeAngelis, Amanda Martin, Christina Zahn, Amy Morin, Erin Glann, Michael Butler, Greg Labonte, Casey Parker, Kim Archibald, Devin Carrier, Leah Fournier, Logan Michaud and Ryan Shaw.

Seventh grade students who are exemplars of good citizenship are: Kirby Rodrique, Andrew Polk, Shown McKweon, Chad House, Erica Webber, Sadam Abdi, Joshua Bissonnette, Morgan Hubbard, Dustin Record, Patty Spear, Olivia Cote, Clarissa Smith, Natasha Daigle, Jessica Mathon and Samantha Timmermeyer. Eighth grade citizenship awards were presented to Suzanne Assam, Sagan Knox, Alex Olsen, Amber Ouellette, Valerie Wacenske, Katie Avery, Danielle Taylor, Tim Stretton, Kailee Brown, Calvin Chicoine, Kiani Camire, Zachary Delcourt, Sierre Edwards, Tanya Lama and Bayley Scott.

Good sportsmanship awards were presented to these seventh graders: Kristen Lacasse, Leigh-Ann Moore, Kyle Fulgham, Jordan Brown, Maame Bonsu, Ruth Choate, Doug Lalonde, Dustin Gillespie-Chasse, Christie Fecteau, Ryan Beote, Megan Pelletier, Emily Craig, Max Lessard, Nick Mathon and Shae Morin. The eighth grade sportsmanship awards went to Chantelle Lavertu, Devin McLellan, Zachary Racine, Joshua Smith, Akilysa Thomas, Katie Cobb, Tasha Turmenne, Jarred Palmer, Kayla Drapeau, Stephanie Belanger, Athena Andoniades, Katie Doyon, Devan Houlihan, Omar Mahamud and Maryke Moreau.

LMS celebrates students who may be quiet but they are always there to help others. Our unsung heroes in grade seven are Katie Myrick, Nick Pelletier, Justin Chiaravelotti, Max Marschhausen, Matt Turner, Camden Dube, Miguel Eledia, Tiffany Beaulieu, Dylan Pomerleau, Ashley Maillette, Moarcella Tierney, Faisal Abdillahi, Sam Phelan, Jessica Beaudoin, and Allyson Lepage. Unsung eighth grade heroes are Kirstie Acker, Shantinae Jackson, Brian Nash, Erin Pinkham, Timothy Ramsay, Erica Morin, Olivia Fournier, Tyler Lussier, Andrew Doyle, Olivia Duprey, Delilah Dickey, Pat Merritt, Linda Rand, Deanna Sheperson, and Casandra Verville.

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