The new Republican City Government of Auburn was inaugurated Monday morning at the city government rooms before a good representation of citizens. No ladies were present this year.

At 9 o’clock Monday forenoon, the old Lewiston city goverment held its last session; closed up the “tag ends” of the old administration and “made way” for the new. The council rooms and corridors in the city building were packed with interested spectators.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Lewiston Fire Chief Z.F. Drouin last night warned persons against tossing lighted cigarets (sic), cigars and matches from automobiles. He issued the warning after he reported a lighted cigaret (sic) flipped from an auto started yesterday a Pond Road grass fire that threatened to destroy a set of buildings before it was controlled by firemen.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The House and Senate gave final approval Wednesday to a bill that would allow Maine’s 16 counties to control their own budgets. All counties are now required to submit their budgets to the Legislature for approval. County budgets, raised through property taxes, pay for such things as sheriffs’ departments, road maintenance and county officials’ salaries. The bill would allow residents of any county to decide, through a series of referenda, to take charge of their finances, as long as a county finance committee was created to oversee the budget.

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