This was my first -winter carnival here at Lisbon High School. Being a freshman, I wasn’t very familiar with the whole experience. As a Student Government representative, I got to help decide on the theme and what we were going to do for activities. After brainstorming and looking over the advocacy groups’ ideas we decided on the theme “Remember when….” Each day we would come to school dressed up as a different decade. Finally, on Friday would be school color and activity day.

Friday. . . was finally here. I couldn’t wait for all the events that were lined up. There was going to be a belching contest, crab soccer, egg drop, milk bone relay, tug of war, car push and many more. I got excited after hearing stories about activity day from my sister and her classmates. Waking up at 5:45 in the morning was worth it. 1 never knew that I would have so much fun shoving ice cream and fourteen saltines in my mouth. It was a GREAT first experience and I can’t wait until next year.

At Lisbon High School, Winter Carnival isn’t all about fun and games. The carnival is a week filled with dress up days and activities such as a Variety Show and a faculty basketball game. The main concept behind winter carnival is to increase student involvement and school pride, The classes come together to compete against each other but at the same time you meet new people and unify as a school.

As a student government member, it takes a lot of hard work and cooperation with the staff. For those students who organize me main activity day, it’s a great way to learn leadership skills and an overall ability to make the most out of something while still following guidelines. The winter carnival as a whole was a great success and gave students a much needed break from school.

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