SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Robert K. Ingerson to Barbara Cochran, in Hartford.

William Kenney Jr. and Rhonda and William Kenney to Yamile M. Nolan, in Paris.

Rayfield L. and Shirley M. Mawhinney to Jeannette M. Arsenault and Patricia M. Coolidge and Jamie Plante and William H. Baltrus and Joseph W. Mawhinney, in Rumford.

Sarah K. Cummings to Donald K. and Sharon D. Cummings, in Bethel.

John A. Sharratt and Jas Maine Trust to Jon Yancik, in Hartford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Robert E. W. and Kimberly A. Hobbs, in Newry.

John Gillis and Dianne Mains to Dale W. Merrill Jr., in Hebron.

John A. Sharratt and Jas Maine Trust to Shawn and Karri White, in Hartford.

Joseph D. Padula and Jacqueline Barbiere to Courtney and Barbara Parker, in Newry.

Steward W. Young Sr. to Steward W. Young Sr. and Leisa Young, in Mexico.

Trudy A. Pike Newton to Kevin A. Newton, in Oxford.

James Adler to Rebecca J. Rotford and Adam D. Breton, in Andover.

Brandon Edwards to Robert A. Huotari, in Norway.

Earl F. Micklon Jr. and Linda Micklon to Tina M. Farrar, in Otisfield.

Bennett Bros. Farms Inc. to Barbara Bennett in Buckfield.

River View Timeshare Trust to Todd M. and Janet C. Henry, in Bethel.

John J. Brennan Jr. to Wayne G. and Yvette M. Costigan, in Waterford.

Dorothy Jean Young to Diane Staples, in Byron.

Vivianne M. Bernier to Paul G. Bernier, in Hartford.

Kenneth P. Samele Sr. and Jacqueline C. Samele to Paul J. McPeck and Judy McLeavey, in Oxford.

Elisabeth C. Tyrol to Barbara Beeson, in Waterford.

Linda Cochran to Lawrence Gillis, in Peru.

Elizabeth Dibiase to Lawrence Gillis, in Peru.

Lawrence P. Costa to Satellite Valley LLC, in Rumford.

Worldwide Language Resources Inc. to Telstar Valley LLC, in Andover.

Estate of Richard E. Walker and Diana L. Spellings to Kathy M. Shaw DeGruttola and David DeGruttola, in Bethel.

Grand Summit Resort Properties Inc. to Ronald Cohen, in Newry.

Robert E. and Sarah M. Casavant to Robert E. and Sarah M. and Robert C. Casavant, in Bethel.

Joseph L. A. Cyr to Tim and Judy and Tim A. Cyr, in Hartford.

Kenneth G. and Jeannine C. Murray to Clarence Thomas Tompkins, in Rumford.

Estate of Scott C. Sinkler and Sharon H. Sinkler to Robert J. Haines and Sharon H. Sinkler and Estate of Scott C. Sinkler, in Norway.

Wilbur E. Hansen to Christina M. and Thomas J. Orfe, in Byron.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to William M. Craffey and Four C. S. Lagoon Realty Trust, in Newry.

H. Douglas Lay Jr. to Philip H. Lam and Catherine N. Lee, in Newry.

Alisa D. and William A. Deitemeyer to Keith B. and Kathleen A. Murray, in Norway.

Donald S. Davis and Jacqueline D. Haley Davis to Gary Hill, in Waterford and Albany Township.

Alice and Kenneth R. Twitchell and Miriam Miller to Miriam Miller, in Oxford.

C. Donworth and Virginia Jones to Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud, in Mexico.

C. Donworth and Virginia Jones to Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud, in Rumford.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to Brian D. and Laurie L. Frost, in Rumford.

Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud to Brian D. and Laurie L. Frost, in Mexico.

James L. and Ann Marie Taormina to William and Louise Corbo and James L. and Ann Marie Taormina, in Bethel.

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