A manufacturer in Norway, Maine is making snowshoes for the Peary expedition, with his name stamped on the wood work. It may surprise the walruses and the polar bears some time, as they cavort about the pole, to see a discarded snowshoe sticking up in a drift and marked “A. M. Dunham, Norway, Maine.”

Samuel Morrill, Lewiston’s well known bill distributor and weather prophet, and who keeps a diary of storms and weather events, reports that there were fourteen snow storms during the winter just passed.

Many young people in the two cities are looking forward to next Saturday when a fool’s carnival will be held in Auburn Hall. This year the carnival will not be under the auspices of the Edward Little High School students as in former years.

50 Years Ago, 1955

New work schedules in the Hill Division of the Bates Manufacturing Co. and at Continental Mills have affected the sales at some Lisbon Street restaurants, according to reports from some restaurateurs. One restaurant, which received the bulk of its business from mill workers, is considering closing early in the evening. Others are said to be considering re-arranging their hours, too. The two mills recently eliminated the half-hour lunch period for their employees. The employees now work a straight eight hours and lunch while on the job. Before, many of then went to the restaurants to get a hot meal.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Headquartered in an isolated, new building surrounded by tall pines and cheerfully lit by natural light most of the day, Maine’s first health maintenance organization (HMO) has gotten over its birth pangs since “going public” in Farmington three months ago. Not only is G.H. Bass Co. of Wilton with its 1,600 employees looking at the novel prepaid insurance plan, but some members of both the Maine Teachers Association and the Maine State Employees Association may also join Farmington’s Franklin Area Health Plan.

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