The Mansion house owned by the Windsor Mineral Spring Co., of Lewiston, is to be enlarged and opened up as a summer hotel. Coombs and Gibbs have been engaged to draw the plans and the work is to be rushed forward as rapidly as possible, so that the hotel will be in readiness for the summer season. It will be under the management of W. H. Bridgham, the president and business manager of the company. It is claimed that this water is especially good for those suffering from rheumatism and kidney troubles. When ready for occupancy, Dr. Cilley of Boston and Dr. Bridgham of Cohasset will send patients to this new Lewiston summer resort.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Jean B. and Roger J. Roux of Goddard Road, Lewiston, have sold 11¼ acres of land on that road to the Rivertown Realty Co. and Roux said last night the area is to be the new location of the Belle-Moc Inc. shoe factory. The large tract of land is located on the Goddard Road a few hundred feet from the River Road. Belle-Moc Inc. is located on Oxford Street and has been working through the Lewiston Industrial Development Department in seeking a new location in order to expand its operations.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Lewiston police began attaching yellow street boxes to several parking meters poles located in the downtown area Thursday. Acting Police Chief Herve Gendreau says parking offenders can use the boxes to drop off their parking fine payments. In the past, parking violators were required to bring their payments to the station, but now they can drop them in these handy “vandal proof” boxes installed at meters on Ash Street near the Post Office, Lisbon Street near Chestnut, Park and Oak streets, Lisbon Street near Pine and Lisbon Street near Ash. Gendreau encourages the public to make use of the boxes and asked for suggestions on where other courtesy boxes could be placed. Each box cost $107, according to Gendreau.

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