A healthy relationship between a girlfriend and a boyfriend is having an equal say in things. The relationship shouldn’t include hostile behavior between the two people. They should be comfortable around each other and should have a lot of trust between them. One should not be controlling over the other. They should have an understanding between each other. Their relationship should be serious and they shouldn’t cheat on one another. They should show some affection towards one another. They should do things together and be happy. They should not choose to be with one another based upon looks, money, or fame. Those are wrong reasons. The relationship should be based on personality and the actions that one makes. It could also be based on the way one spends or plans to spend their life. You should enjoy spending time with them.

A relationship is something that should be taken seriously between people, even relationships between family and friends. Every type of relationship should make one feel good and not horrible. In my opinion, a relationship between people that is filled with physical and psychological abuse is not a relationship at all. If you are getting nothing but depression out of your relationship, get counseling. If one is not making an effort to make the relationship work, it is showing that he or she doesn’t care where the relationship goes and therefore, you should separate. You are hurting yourself if you try to make a horrible relationship like that last. You are just fading in the shadows of depression more and more if you are doing all of the work in a relationship. Each one in the relationship should also get along with the other one’s family and friends.

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