Every individual holds that one thing in their hearts that they thrive on and cherish. Ryan Delorme, a senior at ELHS, has spent his whole life being passionate about music and just recently he was able to undergo “the most amazing experience” he’s ever gone through.

Ryan was one of eight students in the whole state of Maine to participate in the All-Eastern Honors Chorus Ensemble in Baltimore, Maryland. The entire ensemble consisted of 350 of the most talented, accomplished singers, in high school in the Northeast. Ryan was accepted into the ensemble by earning the highest score in his choral voice part (tenor) in the whole state of Maine in the All-State vocal auditions. This All-Eastern ensemble sang many different songs of a very advanced difficulty. They sang songs in a variety of languages and styles,including Latin, Spanish, gospel and even sacred. They also sang what is called a “Song Cycle,” which lasted over twenty minutes long. A song cycle is a bunch of individual songs that flow into each other in one huge piece.

I talked to Ryan about his one-of-a-kind experience. He emphasized the significance of being surrounded by other confident singers who also have that passion for the music as much as he does. He said that because of the similar interests they all had, it was easier to create new friendships. The most important musical tips he learned while he was there were how to blend with others, and how to technically better your singing. Ryan said that the most important personal lesson he learned from the experience was to “open up and accept people. Don’t worry about self-image. You can go anywhere if you set your mind to it, and this will give you the most amazing experiences.”

Ryan has many plans for his future in music. He has applied to many schools of music to enrich his skills in order to become a music teacher. These schools include the Eastman School of Music in Ithaca and University of Maine in Orono. Ryan described music as his life, and everything he does is based around it. Ryan gives one piece of advice to any future singers: “Believe in yourself, and know you can achieve. Make the music be your influence, and let it drive you to become a better person.”

Right now, Ryan is a part of the ELHS Drama Club and has gotten roles that feature his voice. Ryan is the co-director of the ELHS straight show “Three Murders and It’s Only Monday,” which will be performed on April 1 & 2 at 8 p.m., for $5. It will be performed at the Great Falls CLT. He is also in Chamber Choir, Honors Music, A Cappella choir, and he plays the clarinet in the band and marching band. Ryan is clearly committed to the world of music. He is a positive influence to those who have musical goals and have confidence within them to achieve those goals.

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