PARIS – Alan Perry, certified crop adviser and owner of Bedrock Soil Balancing Services, a division of the Farm Technologies Network, will be the after-dinner speaker at the Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation Service meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 7, at the South Paris Congregational Church.

Perry is a fifth-generation farmer who has worked in vegetable marketing and, for the last 10 years, as a full-time crop fertility consultant. Bedrock Soil Balancing Services provides solutions to farm problems ranging from crop fertility and insect problems to water and agricultural politics.

Perry is using the Albrecht soil program to solve crop problems in a number of states and foreign countries and on 36 types of crops and livestock.

The presentation will include a review of the Albrecht soil program, which is based on the premise of feeding the soil to improve crop quality and quantity. The soil fertility system concentrates on balancing the various components of soil health, including trace elements and soil pathogens, while attempting to maximize crop production efficiency and minimize production expenses.

Farmers and foresters face challenges of environmental conservation, pollution control, foreign competition, changing economic factors and government policies that were unheard of a generation ago and that require innovative approaches to insure the profitability of the farming enterprise.

Perry will discuss current events in agriculture in the areas of crop production, water conservation and utilization, marketing, economics and politics. He will show photos of some of his ongoing work in Mexico and England as well as examples of the program in Maine and other states.

At the end of his presentation, Perry will take questions from the audience which will allow him to discuss in more detail problems that are affecting the producers in Oxford County.

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