SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Jerald F. Flagg to Lauren A. LaBrecque, in Peru.

Frederick J. and Merlene I. Greenwood to William J. and Joshua Hounsell, in Hebron.

River View Timeshare Trust to Jeffrey E. and Vivian R. Boone, J. Colin and Lynne M. MacKenzie, Jim A. Shafer and Carol J. Nale, Barbara and Christine Ragsdale, Thomas W. and Sasha M. Martin, Stephen M. and Sharon A. McCourt, Michael D. and Tina L. Tremblay, all in Bethel.

Janine Young and Steward W. Young Sr. to Steward Young Sr. and Janine Young, in Roxbury.

Wendall Broomhall to Wendy L. and Dennis J. Carey, in Rumford.

Walter C. and Bonnie S. Schwalm to Robert Meinhold, in Waterford.

John W. and Marie M. Thomas to David R. and Maiki L. Gray, in Mexico.

Eleanor K. Scopinich to Eleanor K. Scopinich Trust Agreement and Eleanor K. Scopinich (tr), in Woodstock.

Thomas M. and Kathleen Moriarty and Kathleen Johnson to Donald J. and Janet E. Beddie, in Bethel.

Duane Gilbert to David J. Enterprise (2) in Greenwood.

John G. and Mary A. Barrett to Theodore V. and Sue Ann M. Czotter, in Bethel.

Robert A. and Sharon R. Kinney to Walter G. and Diane E. Goff, in Greenwood.

Christopher J. Harlow to Ross Stuart Baker, in Woodstock.

John L. Mayhan II and Jennifer Shanning to Richard J. Elliott Jr. and Karen M. Elliott, in Oxford.

Willard J. Levesque and Arlene M. Levesque to Michael and Heather Maines, in Canton.

Peter S. and Victoria R. Philip to Daniel Mazza, in Newry.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Brian E. and Jennifer L. Cox, in Norway.

Anthony J. Siracusa and Susan J. Hillman to Susan J. Hillman, in Norway.

Randall S. and Rachel M. Wilday to Salvatore P. and Cheryl Lyn Favaloro, in Woodstock.

Danny Merchant to Suzanne Fournier, in Rumford.

Ricky Merchant to Suzanne Fournier, in Rumford.

Samuel M. and Ruth E. and Samuel Maruca to New Life For Girls and Samuel and Ruth E. Maruca, in Paris.

Julie Balaban and Alan Garber to Julie Balaban and Alan Garber, in Newry.

Estate of Colista C. Morgan and Leonas F. Holt to Dave and Andrea J. Lane, in Greenwood.

David L. Lane and Andrea J. Lane to Philip M. Wilner, in Waterford.

Savage Land Development LLC to Monica A. Williams, in Bethel.

Federal National Mortgage Association to David M. and Janet E. Richards, in Mexico.

Irving S. Rogers Jr. to Gregg T. and Dawn M. Roberts, in Bethel.

Douglas P. and Robin J. Zinchuk to Charles Hurd Jr. and Donna L. Mallahy, in Bethel.

Estate of June W. Demarest and Donald C. Demarest to Donald C. Demarest, in Woodstock.

Alta E. Smith to Elaine Johnson and Bruce E. Smith and Russell A. Smith and Lisa L. Allen, in Albany Township.

Evelyn Whitman to Jonathan Hunt Collins and Simone Hunt Collins, in West Paris.

Owen J. Brown and Estate of James L. Brown to Owen J. Brown and Estate of Beatrice B. Brown, in Bethel.

Owen J. Brown and Estate of Beatrice B. Brown to Owen J. Brown and Nancy Vargin and Seth Foster and Estate of Linda B. Foster and Leroy A. Brown, in Bethel.

Seth Foster and Estate of Linda B. Foster and Seth A. Foster to Seth A. and Aaron R. Foster, in Bethel.

Richard P. and Ronnie Ann Pelletier to James Adler, in Andover.

Christina C. Cook and Estate of John R. Goodwin to Christina C. Cook, in Waterford.

Robert F. Corriveau and Estate of Roger G. Corriveau to Jane Marie Billings and Janet Lynn Stone and Robert F. and Crystal Ann and Elizabeth Marie Corriveau, in Gilead.

James A. Davis to Michael P. and Kerry Jean Bailey, in Upton.

Michael P. and Kerri Jean Bailey to James A. Davis and Marilee Cooper, in Oxford.

Westside Development LLC to Matt Hancock International LLC, in Greenwood.

Freeman Dennis Brown Sr. to Freeman Dennis Brown Sr. and Susan M. Brown, in Norway.

Kenneth J. Hamel and Georgianna M. Hamel and Linda M. Smith to Albert L. and Rosalie M. Sumner, in Albany Township.

Edward K. Brennon and Marilyn C. Brennon to United States of America and United States of America Fish and Wildlife, in Upton.

Yankee Forest Limited Liability Company and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to USA and USA Fish and Wildlife, in Upton.

Savage Land Development LLC to Robert A. Currier, in Bethel.

Dana Grover to James L. and Linda M. Peters and Kenneth J. and Lynda S. Vieira.

John E. and Mary G. Seilonen to Zolton Toth, in Norway.

Michael P. and Kerry Jean Bailey to Chad A. Ridlon, in Upton.

Elizabeth K. Reed to Martin and Jennifer Karnacewicz, in Newry.

Scott P. and Tina M. Swain to Toby Ray, in Hartford.

Estate of Ruth W. Wight and Stephen W. Wight to Amy W. Chapman and Amy W. Kenneth, in Woodstock.

Robert P. Henderson and Julia Ross Henderson to Robert, Paul Henderson Jr. and Julia Ross Thayer Henderson and Robert Paul Henderson Jr. Revocable Trust and Julia Ross Thayer Henderson Revocable Trust, in Newry.

Jeremiah S. and Abby L. Burns to John and Charlotte Huffman, in Waterford.

Oxford Build To Suit II LLC to Edward A. and Mary Jo Kennett, in Bethel.

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