WILTON – Jill Lake, a human resource person at Wausau Paper Group in Jay, was matched with a local child in October 2004 as part of a school-based mentoring program supported by the Child Health Center’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

Lake and her mentee are one of more than 700 matches throughout Franklin, Oxford, Androscoggin and northern Cumberland counties that need support through Bowl For Kids’ Sake, which will take place Saturday, April 9, at the Meadow Lanes Bowling Alley.

Bowl For Kids’ Sake is the largest annual fund-raiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the proceeds will benefit mentoring matches.

Lake mentors a 9-year-old living in the Wilton area. They have formed a special bond. From October until February they were part of a site-based program in which they met at the school, then in February they transitioned into a community match that allowed them a wider range of activities and more time together. They still meet at the school for an hour once a week; however, they also meet in the community throughout the month.

During their time together Lake and her little sister enjoy talking, playing cards and other activities. Lake said, “It is probably one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I have ever had. I think sometimes I get more out of it than my little does.”

Those who would like to learn how to form a team, raise advanced sponsorship monies and bowl to support the Child Health Center’s Big Brothers Big Sisters programs should call 743-7035 or e-mail BBBS @megalink.net.

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