SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds office.

Bruce R. and M. Patricia Cook to Timothy and Nancy Shilling, in Norway.

Estate of Thelma M. Berry and Lois B. Hathaway to Charles H. and Gretchen Berry, in Hartford.

Estate of Thelma M. Berry and Lois B. Hathaway to Susan Jo Novros and Susan Jo Swanson, in Hartford.

Estate of Thelma M. Berry and Lois B. Hathaway to Arlene J. and Morrill Nason, in Hartford.

Estate of Thelma M. Berry and Lois B. Hathaway to Lois B. and Bernard Hathaway, in Hartford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Three M Builders Inc., in Newry.

Robert R. Ouellette to Robert R. and Jeanette Marie Ouellette, in Canton.

Mountain Valley Land Company LLC and Western Maine Custom Builders Inc. to Mahoosuc Investments LLC, in Bethel.

Barbara Soucy to Alan L. Comeau, in Rumford.

Franklin D. Gammon to Kenneth R. White, in Andover.

D. James Lewis to Michael C. and Suzanne Steiner Cosgrave, in Greenwood.

Ronald A. Holbrook and Ronald A. Holbrook Jr. to Rodney A. Goodrum, in Upton.

Nancy P. and Sharon A. Theriault to Dino Spugnardi, in Woodstock.

Nancy P. and Sharon A. Theriault to David McKenney, Woodstock.

Glendon R. and Sandra D. Drake to Jeffrey and Denise Ham, in Hebron.

Belinda D. Clark to Belinda D. Clark and Jill M. Millett, in Norway.

Alexander W. Muszynski Jr. and Lynda L. Muszynski to Jessica G. Meserve, in Otisfield.

Mary Brett to Lawrence K. Cousins II, in Paris.

Frederick G. Trudo to Andrew L. and Darlene A. Ressler, in Newry.

Samuel C. Giles to Samuel F. Giles and Sheila F. Preo and Dawn M. Fritz, in Otisfield.

Brenda D. and Brian E. Hodgdon to Russell M. Madore and Hodgdon Real Estate Trust, in Oxford.

Philip P. Maletta to Philip P. and Nancy E. Maletta, in Newry.

Lewis G. Harkness Jr. and Norma S. Harkness to W. Kent Mann, in Mexico.

W. Kent Mann to W. Kent Mann and Bonnie A. Mann, in Mexico.

Aaron L. Abbott to Carmen Abbott, in Hartford.

USA, VA to Gregory Burgess, in Rumford.

Ann E. Kuhns to Ann E. Kuhns and Ann E. Kuhns Revocable Living Trust Agreement, in Mexico.

Heidi J. Bennett and Estate of Stanley E. Smith to Ronald D. Fitts, in Paris.

River View Timeshare Trust to James K. and Charlene D. Hoyt, in Bethel.

Steven W. and Helen R. Crevatis to Julie A. and Russell Brown, in Waterford.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Michael W. and April L. LeTourneau, in Norway.

Dorothy Jean Young to Marilyn McCourt, in Byron.

Gloria J. Kimball to Gloria J. and Kenneth O. and Peter D. Kimball, in Rumford.

James A. Barnett and Don J. Hamann to Philip G. Blampied, in Rumford.

James B. and Terri L. Irish to Charlotte A. and Joseph Blanchard, in Mexico.

Timothy R. and Jill Marie Sawyer to Scot and Christine Sawyer, in Waterford.

James W. Lilley Jr. to James M. and Barbara J. Lilley, in Norway.

RMJJ Inc. to JPV Associates LLC, in Paris.

Stephen P. and Stephen Stearns to Stephen Stearns, in Paris.

Brian T. Landis and Jennifer L. Landis to Brian T. Landis, in Paris.

John Gillis and Dianne Mains to Dale W. Merrill Jr., in Hebron.

Janet Lynn Stone to Robert F. Corriveau, in Gilead.

Jane Marie Billings to Robert F. Corriveau, in Gilead.

Chris and Lee Anne Colello to Karen Floor, in Norway.

Leilani Poland Bertram to Robert Dana, in Hebron.

Gina Poland to Robert and Lisa Dana, in Hebron.

Natasha and Natasha M. Hodson to Lisa Dana, in Hebron

Leon Poland Jr. to Lincoln A. Ramsey, in Hebron.

Alexander L. Poland to Tracy A. Ramsey, in Hebron.

Estate of Arlene Merrill and Janice A. Merrill and Estate of Arlene May Merrill to Janice A. Merrill, in Dixfield.

Judith S. and Walter H. Ehrhardt to Judith S. and Walter H. Ehrhardt, in Roxbury.

Estate of Paul R. Blais Jr. and Timothy Paul Blais to Timothy Paul Blais and Lisa M. Gagnon and Lisa M. Blais, in Rumford.

Kathleen and Paul D. Chiasson to Jeffrey A. McCreary, in Greenwood.

Gordon R. and Beverly B. Brown to Pires Mountain LLC, in Woodstock.

Estate of Evangeline M. Bouthot and Marie Casey to Michael Bouthot, in Mexico.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Rendell W. and Barbara E. Heath and Aegis Mortgage Corporation and UC Lending to Residential Funding Corporation, in Rumford.

Heather MacIsaac and Heather Hutchins to Heather and Duncan MacIsaac, in Norway.

Michael E. and Maureen McEnaney to Steven P. and Pamela J. Barnes, in Greenwood.

Yuen Wah Cheung to John N. Magoon, in Norway.

David H. and Faith A. Monroe to Thomas R. and Diane K. Kolb, in Newry.

Franklin F. and Hedwig B. Fitz to Piotr and Dorothy Romanus, in Newry.

Freeman Dennis Brown Sr. to Freeman Dennis Brown Sr. and Susan M. Brown, in Norway.

Kenneth J. Hamel and Georgianna M. Hamel and Linda M. Smith to Albert L. and Rosalie M. Sumner, in Albany Township.

Edward K. Brennon and Marilyn C. Brennon to United States of America and United States of America Fish and Wildlife, in Upton.

Yankee Forest Limited Liability Company and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to USA and USA Fish and Wildlife, in Upton.

Savage Land Development LLC to Robert A. Currier, in Bethel.

Dana Grover to James L. and Linda M. Peters and Kenneth J. and Lynda S. Vieira.

John E. and Mary G. Seilonen to Zolton Toth, in Norway.

Michael P. and Kerry Jean Bailey to Chad A. Ridlon, in Upton.

Elizabeth K. Reed to Martin and Jennifer Karnacewicz, in Newry.

Scott P. and Tina M. Swain to Toby Ray, in Hartford.

Estate of Ruth W. Wight and Stephen W. Wight to Amy W. Chapman and Amy W. Kenneth, in Woodstock.

Robert P. Henderson and Julia Ross Henderson to Robert, Paul Henderson Jr. and Julia Ross Thayer Henderson and Robert Paul Henderson Jr. Revocable Trust and Julia Ross Thayer Henderson Revocable Trust, in Newry.

Jeremiah S. and Abby L. Burns to John and Charlotte Huffman, in Waterford.

Oxford Build To Suit II LLC to Edward A. and Mary Jo Kennett, in Bethel.

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