LEWISTON – Gifted and talented math and science students are surveying businesses in Lewiston and Auburn this spring to assess their impact on storm water pollution. The project is part of Lewiston’s and Auburn’s Phase II Storm Water Management Plan.

The Androscoggin Valley Education Collaborative Math/Science Program at the Auburn Land Lab hosts gifted and talented students from four area high schools one day a month during the school year. The students participate in service projects that expand their experiences and benefit the surrounding community.

This year the students are performing a Hot Spot Investigation, modeled after information provided by the Center for Watershed Protection (www.cwp.org), a nonprofit corporation that provides technical tools for protecting watersheds.

The students have identified businesses in the two cities and are surveying them. All the businesses identified are members of the Lewiston/Auburn Chamber of Commerce. Business practices investigated include vehicle operations, outdoor materials, waste management, impervious and pervious surfaces and storm water infrastructure. A survey was conducted on March 30 and another will be done Thursday, April 28.

The students will also stencil storm drains on May 25 to warn people about the impacts of storm drain pollution in the downtown Auburn area.

For additional information, contact Kristie Rabasca, Aquarion Engineering, at 828-1272, ext. 19, or Cameron Parker at the Auburn Land Lab, 783-4563.

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