• It is said by men who are in a position to know that this year will see great business activity in Rumford Falls. It is said that a “cutting-up” mill, or block mill, for the Oxford paper mill will be built at the head of the falls, this to give employment to at least 50 men.

• During the early part of the evening, Wednesday, two live wires burning, one at the corner of Maine and Frye streets and the other at the corner of College and Sabattus streets, attracted considerable attention. The police were notified and they in turn reported the matter to the proper authorities, who temporarily repaired the wires.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Union carpenters in the Twin City area have refused to work for 11 firms represented by the Lewiston-Auburn Contractors’ Association unless granted at least a 20-cent-an-hour pay increase, it was disclosed last night. Frank Greenleaf, president of the Lewiston-Auburn Contractors Association, said the firms represented by his organization received written notice from the union March 30 that a work stoppage would occur April 1. He said the union requested an hourly pay of $2.50 for its members. That is the same rate paid in the Portland area.

25 Years Ago, 1980

White and brown rabbits stare from the shelves, pink chicks peep silently from displays and giant brown eggs that would fit snugly inside of cradles rest on tables waiting to be cracked open from the outside. In some ways is resembles a bizarre Old McDonald’s Farm, but it is really the carnival at Mary’s Candy Shop at 235 Main St., Lewiston, catering to the Easter Crowd. Friday afternoon it was wall-to-wall people in the narrow shop as they waited to purchase or pick up orders for confectionery candies and chocolate critters. Every year it’s the same, shop owner Lucille Meservier said during a lull in business. Now 47 years old, the shop still caters to the cravings of the sugar-lorn.

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