The sweeping sensation of steroids has cast a dark and foreboding cloud on professional sports as of late. Major League Baseball has especially suffered the wrath of the illegal performance-enhancing drug. Many sports writers are referring to the past fifteen to twenty years of baseball as The Steroid Era. A large number of the top hitters from that timeframe have been accused and suspected of using steroids. Slugger Jose Canseco has openly admitted to taking steroids in a book he wrote titled Juiced. Other stars have recently admitted to steroids under examination by a Grand Jury. Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds both spilled the beans, but Bonds claimed he took the steroids “unknowingly.” What will become of Canseco’s 462 career home runs, as well as all the other stars who are linked to the illegal drug? Will the records be erased, or will there be an asterisk next to each number? Or will Major League Baseball simply do nothing at all? These are questions that will be answered in the following trivial years, as the truth about steroids slowly emerges.

In his book, Canseco claims that a number of players took steroids with him, including Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. He even took responsibility for turning McGwire on to the possibilities of enhancing one’s performance. McGwire has denied having any involvement with illegal steroids, but has admitted taking androstenedione, a steroid compound supplement that’s sold over-the-counter. Recently, the House Government Reform Committee called on some of Major League Baseball’s biggest hitters to testify in front of Congress. McGwire, Sosa, and Canseco were among the ones that were subpoenaed. McGwire refused to answer any questions about the steroid allegations, not even to deny his use of illegal substances. Sosa played it very low key and said little. Canseco was extremely talkative and discredited Major League Baseball’s tolerance policy dealing with steroid abusers. Other stars who received subpoenas were Rafael Palmerio, Curt Schilling, and Frank Thomas.

Nobody knows what will become of all the records that were set by steroid users. Many players’ reputations have been forever damaged, namely McGwire, Bonds, and Giambi. Claims are swirling as to whether Bonds and McGwire deserve a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Bonds has become very bitter towards the media, constantly blaming them for his problems and never taking responsibility for his own actions and arrogance. The present time is full of confusion and uncertainty. For the answers to these questions of truth, all we can do is wait.

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