A friend is someone who is your friend because they enjoy hanging out with you. They shouldn’t be your friend so they can get popular real fast by using you or so they can get you to do their homework. When being a friend, one should listen to one another when they are going through an emotional stage. For example, their parents are splitting up, or a family member or another one of their friends has died. Friends do not talk horrible about one another behind their backs.

One of the big issues in being a friend is fighting over boys and who looks better in appearance and size. If you and your friend are fighting over a boy, try to agree on a settlement. If you can’t come to an agreement, forget about the boy if it is only a crush. If you and your friends feel that you really like this boy, talk about it with one another. There is never any satisfaction over fighting over something you want. Is it really worth losing a friend over? When friends fight over appearance and size, it will lead to hurting each other psychologically. It might cause one to develop an eating disorder or rebellious behavior towards you and others. It also might cause one’s grades in school to go down. Does it really matter which one looks better? Being a friend is about going through problems like this together, not by going through them against each other.

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