Are you seeking help for a friend or family member because you suspect they have an eating disorder? First of all, know what to look for if that is what you suspect. But there are certain signs to look for in certain eating disorders.

Signs of being anorexic are: losing a lot of weight, hair loss, compulsive exercise, depression, heart tremors, shortness of breath, dry skin, and irregular heartbeat. There are other signs, but these are main ones that you can figure out quite easily. You should talk to an adult about this, or even a doctor.

Bulimia is where people eat a lot of food and then after, they go somewhere out of sight and put their finger down their throat, which makes that person puke all of the food they ate back up. People who are bulimic aren’t always as thin as those that are anorexic. The signs of being bulimic are depression, vomiting, swollen glands in the face and neck, dental problems, irregular menstrual periods, sore throats, vomiting up blood weakness, and irregular heartbeat. Being bulimic can cause damage to the liver, kidney, and bowels. If the person is bulimic, you should also seek some help from an adult or doctor.

Another eating disorder is binge eating. Binge eating is where people think they can’t control their eating and eat all the time in secrecy. They don’t throw up after though like bulimics do. Signs of binge eating are depression, obesity, feeling ashamed of oneself, eating when one is not hungry, and feeling like one can’t control their eating habits.

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