Monmouth Academy had its annual Winter Carnival week. This year it was touch and go on who would win throughout the week. The theme was the “Decades.” Each class was assigned a different decade. The freshmen had the 70’s, the sophomores the 90’s, the juniors the 80’s, and the seniors the 60’s.

The sophomores won the hall decorating with the seniors taking last as usual. There was a tie for first in the snow sculptures between the seniors and the sophomores. The seniors answered four of the five trivia questions. There was a large turnout for the dress up days with pj day having the largest turnout as usual. In our after school activities seniors took first in volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and floor hockey with the juniors winning indoor soccer.

This year’s winter carnival dance had a large turn out with about three quarters of the student population attending. This year’s queen was our foreign exchange student Madoka Kurihara and our king was senior Ryan Buckley.

The seniors kicked off Winter Carnival day in fine style entering the gym last. The seniors with face paint and headscarves, whooping and yelling, entered the gym en masse and running. Putting fear (or so we like to think) into the underclass men.

This year we had four new categories; tournament posters, a black history quiz, slalom ski race and cracker eating. The juniors won the tournament posters. They tied with the seniors with the most correct on the quiz. The sophomores won the slalom ski race. The senior girls won the cracker eating while the sophomore boys won as well.

As usual the seniors won handily in the outdoor competitions, although we did win the egg toss. The sophomores dominated the outdoor events. They won the most creative sled as well as the fastest. They tied winning the frozen t-shirt contest with the juniors.

Indoors, the seniors came back with a vengeance. Ashley MacDonald won the pie- eating contest in record time and in true fashion with pie all over she stood up on the table in the end. Josh Parsons won his pie eating contest as well as finding the bubble gum in the whipped cream and blowing a bubble. Jess Grey won bobbing for apples and cracker eating. Ashley MacDonald also won girl’s arm wrestling. However, the freshmen dominated basketball knockout.

The classes were to do a skit about their decade. The seniors took a twist on that we didn’t do the 1960’s; we did 1066 (hey its still the 60’s just a different century :-P). Tyler Jackson led his forces bravely against the evil Normans. Joe Gabri made a perfect little devil while his minions (Ashley MacDonald, Myles Butler, and Andrew Bourret) haunted the crowd, occasionally whipping out but putting on a fine show. Tyler’s forces put up a glorious fight but in the end all were killed and Tyler died. Joe did a little victory dance and the Normans conquered England. Oh, yes, Buckley ran across the stage without his shirt on. . . how could I forget. Obviously the seniors won with the sophomores coming in second. Seniors also won the relay madness finishing in whirlwind speed.

The freshmen did very well considering they didn’t have a clue about what they were doing, getting over a thousand points. The juniors were within seven points of the sophomores who came in second. The seniors had over two thousand points and swept the win.

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