BRUNSWICK – Craft Media Night at the Library will feature three craft artists whose work explores the relationship of nature to their human shaped craft. Ceramicist Marian Baker, wood artisan Jacques Vesery and glassblower Ernest Paterno will show and discuss their work at 7 p.m. April 13 in the Morrell Room of Curtis Memorial Library, 23 Pleasant St.

Baker said, “I make useful pots for two principal reasons: because I love to make them and because I hope to enrich the lives of the users. I see them as a bridge between art and daily life.

Vesery is influenced by the source of his medium, the living tree, and the great circle that is life. A self-taught artist, he works in wood. Paterno has been a glassblower for more than 14 years. He teaches through the Maine College of Art and is the owner of Cyroni Glassworks.

For more info, call 798-6964 or go to [email protected]

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