SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds office.

Dana Grover to James L. and Linda M. Peters and Kenneth J. and Lynda S. Vieira.

John E. and Mary G. Seilonen to Zolton Toth, in Norway.

Michael P. and Kerry Jean Bailey to Chad A. Ridlon, in Upton.

Elizabeth K. Reed to Martin and Jennifer Karnacewicz, in Newry.

Scott P. and Tina M. Swain to Toby Ray, in Hartford.

Estate of Ruth W. Wight and Stephen W. Wight to Amy W. Chapman and Amy W. Kenneth, in Woodstock.

Robert P. Henderson and Julia Ross Henderson to Robert, Paul Henderson Jr. and Julia Ross Thayer Henderson and Robert Paul Henderson Jr. Revocable Trust and Julia Ross Thayer Henderson Revocable Trust, in Newry.

Jeremiah S. and Abby L. Burns to John and Charlotte Huffman, in Waterford.

Oxford Build To Suit II LLC to Edward A. and Mary Jo Kennett, in Bethel.

Suzanne Y. Jaxtimer to Ernest John Jaxtimer, in Peru.

Malcolm A. French and TM Realty Trust to Anna I. Jack, in Sumner.

River View Timeshare Trust to Randal H. and Kathleen A. Brooks, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Dean K. and Vera M. Saucier, in Bethel.

Daniel Connell to Thomas M. and Cherity L. Carleton, in Paris.

Victoria Lea Cummings to Victoria Lea Cummings and Kevin R. Pennell, in Albany Township.

Becky Mason to Troy Ripley, in Norway.

Joan Ward and Joan Scaro to Ralph Hopkins, in Bethel.

Derri K. Johnson to Richard Johnson, in Woodstock.

Nina R. Mollicone to Cynthia K. Sutphin, in Bethel.

Mark and Mark M.J. McGowan to Steven T. and Deborah A. Qualters, in Greenwood.

Lloyd L. Poland to Winfield Kimball, in Greenwood.

Bradford Kimball to Don L. and Terrylynn Strout, in Paris.

Carol M. Grenier to Daniel O. and Carol M. Grenier, in Rumford.

Jamie D. Milledge to Daniel J. and Linda T. Cole, in Mexico.

David B. Chisholm to Sallie A. Chisholm, in Norway.

D and M Properties LLC to Cestio LLC, in Mexico.

Theodore J. and Patricia S. Martin to S and S Radway Living Trust and Stephen W. Radway and Susan A. Radway, in Newry.

Dwight B. Dodge to Centex Home Equity Company LLC and Centex Home Equity Corporation and Centex, in Paris.

Lelia E. Taylor to Stephen S. and Sara E. Sherwood, in Sumner.

Lelia E. Taylor to Roger and Kathleen S. Nace, in Sumner.

Lelia E. Taylor to Geoffrey S. Taylor, in Sumner.

Lelia E. Taylor to Matthew A. Taylor, in Sumner.

Lelia E. Taylor to Stephen F. and Valerie A. Taylor, in Sumner.

Michael C. Quinn to Gene Brian Ellis and Emily M. Ellis, in Norway.

Estate of Clara Kingman Damon and Betsey D. Hyde and Katherine D. Skroski to Charles A. and Claudia D. Darneille, in Lincoln Plantation.

Estate of Evelyn M. Johnson and Jeffrey L. Johnson to Jeffrey L. and James G. Johnson, in Greenwood.

Jeffrey L. and James G. Johnson to Gina M. Childs, in Greenwood.

Kelly A. Berger to Thomas P. and Robin Galley, in Waterford.

David W. Kohlhase and Regina W. Kohlhase and Danielle Webster Trust to Nathan J. Clark, in Newry.

Douten D. and Donna M. Thomas to David M. Desrosiers, in Roxbury.

Michael and Dorothy M. Hill to Dorothy M. Hill, in Paris and Sumner.

Michael and Dorothy M. Hill to Michael Hill, in Paris.

Joanne M. Cormier to Christine M. Ford, in Mexico.

Rosalie McGuire to Kenneth R. Bennett, in Oxford.

Gary Yakawonis to Bertrand M. Chasse Jr. and Donna M. Chasse, in Canton.

Jay L. Boschetti to Claire V. and Stephen L. Sessions, in Andover.

S R Golf Holdings LLC to Samuel S. and Michael A. Diphilippo, in Newry.

Savage Land Development LLC to Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC, in Bethel.

Richards Rte. 26 E Z Stop Inc. to Paris Cape Historical Society, in Paris.

Paris Cape Historical Society to Richards Route 26 E Z Stop Inc., in Paris.

Harlan H. and Jean M. McAllister to Ryan Auction Sales Inc., in Albany Township.

Timothy R. and Anita Andrews to Robin Smith, in Peru.

Estate of Sandra A. Downs and Alfred Bode to Judith F. Hall, in Andover.

Allen A. and Melinda A. Thorpe to Louis J. Lisotto, in Norway.

Leland E. Mason to David A. and Frances M. Head, in Norway.

Edison C. Henderson Sr. and Rosemary Henderson and Edison Henderson Sr. to Edison Henderson Jr. and Deidra Henderson, in Hartford.

Emile J. and Lona Bedard to Donald W. and Emilia B. Fogg, in Norway.

Michael T. Boyd and Debra L. Boyd and Gerald A. Leavitt and Michelle D. Newcomb and Robert E. Boyle and Robert F. Boyle and Northeast Bank FSB to Gerald A. Leavitt and Michelle D. Newcomb, in Peru.

Paul and Diana Bisbee to Paul and Todd A. Bisbee, in Paris.

John D. and Tammy M. Swift to John D. Swift and Tammy M. Swift and Swift Family Trust, in Bethel.

William H. Knipe Sr. and Barbara L. Knipe and Robert L. Briggs Jr. and Janice M. Briggs to Jack L. Cross, in Bethel.

Paula M. Jansmann and Paula M. Wight to Mark A. Wight and Maureen V. Ginther, in Newry.

Darrell and Dana and Diane Knightly to Lampron Energy Incorporated, in Oxford.

Daniel J. Connell to Robert L. and Jenny S. Hopper, in Bethel.

Kimberly J. Bell and Kimberly J. Brown to Kimberly J. Bell and Eric J. H. Bell, in Oxford.

Richard W. and Florence A. Fogg to Daniel D. Fogg and Noreen E. Edwards, in Otisfield.

Mary E. Curran and Mary Elizabeth Curran and Mary Elizabeth Wheeler to Michelle Hall, in Albany Township.

Sheldon A. and Cathy and Cathy J. Morgan to Steven H. and Barbara A. Seligman, in Woodstock.

Laura Arsenault to Nancy J. Theriault, in Mexico.

Ronald C. Kendall and Marguerite C. Kendall and Roland C. Kendall Trust to Maine Trading Company and Osprey Trading, in Newry.

Sara E. Kenneth Crocker to Winthrop A. Webster Sr. and Jean C. Webster, in Otisfield.

Candace Cummings and Candace Stearns to Charles K. Wille, in Albany Township.

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