Yes, they’re back. But only the young and hip should attempt this hot fashion trend. Here’s how the fashionistas say to wear ‘em.


DO wear them with short skirts

Whether it’s mini- or knee-length, the skirt should not travel lower than the kneecap when paired with leg warmers. Short and sweet is key. Trendy moccasins complete the leg-warming look.

On model: Fire black skirt, $36. Hue “Button Ups” leg warmers in pink, $10. DKNY black fishnet tights, $12.50. Steve Madden black suede moccasin with rhinestone detail, $69.95. All from Nordstrom.

DO pair them with flat, ballet-style shoes

Fashionable flats work best for this look. Toss the idea of pairing leg warmers with gym shoes or, worse yet, high heels. “High heels are a big don’t,” Hunt says. “That look is a mother’s worst nightmare.” Enough said.

On model: Frenchi plaid skirt, $38. Hot Sox leg warmers, $11. Paolo pink suede ballet shoe, $84.95. All from Nordstrom.

DO wear them with pencil-cut jeans

You don’t have to show some leg in order to show off this style statement. Pull some leg warmers over your favorite pair of pencil-cut jeans, and you’re set. “The more narrow the jean, the better,” Hunt says.

On model: See Thru Soul pencil-cut jeans, $98. Hot Sox leg warmers, $11. Paolo pink leather python moccasins, $89.95. All from Nordstrom.

Although this trend is fun and funky, realize that not everything in your closet is. Also, consider that while leg warmers are cute, “cute” doesn’t work in every setting.


DON’T wear them with flare-leg jeans

Remember, leg warmers have changed. “They used to be big and bulky, like Flashdance,” Johnson says. Do you realize how many times you’d have to French-roll your jeans (don’t pretend that you didn’t do that) to fit the sleeker leg warmer? And do you really want to find out?

– Joe’s flare-leg jeans, $158, Nordstrom.

DON’T wear them with gaucho pants

Everything about this possible look screams “fashion emergency.” “It’s the width of the pant, the length of the pant — with the leg warmer? It just doesn’t look right,” Hunt says. Hopefully, this is not news to any of us.

– Stoosh gaucho pants, $38, Nordstrom.

DON’T wear them with long skirts

If you’re going for this look, why wouldn’t you just wear pants? Just a thought.

– Alex Evenings black skirt, $52, Nordstrom.


Some of the most memorable — perhaps regrettable — moments in leg-warmer history came from the 1980s. Here’s a look back.

-Fame Re-MEM-bah, re-MEM-bah, re-MEM-bah . . . Of course, you do. The table-top-dance-lovin’ kids in this 1980 film, and later on the TV show, helped propel the leg warmer and leotard look that haunted us for much of the decade.

-Flashdance The year was 1983. After watching Jennifer Beals strut her stuff in this hit film, fashionistas turned into maniacs for off-the-shoulder sweat shirts and leg warmers.

-In 2003, Ms. Busybody from the Bronx, Jennifer Lopez, decided to pay homage to Beals — leg warmers and all — by re-creating the look of the movie in her video I’m Glad. We weren’t.

-Olivia Newton-John — After her popular 1980s music video, Physical, it seemed people might be hopelessly devoted to headbands and leg warmers forever. We love — we honestly love — that they weren’t.

-Jane Fonda — In her zillions of workout videos, Jane sure was fonda leg warmers. Feel the burn? No, just burn the look.

-Footloose The credits for this film showcase several sets of dancing legs dressed in old-school tennis shoes and layered leg warmers. They wouldn’t even show their faces. We’re just sayin’.

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