Decorating cakes isn’t necessarily a piece of cake, but Sue Jordan’s class at Edward Little High School is a good place to get the basics. Mrs. Jordan is teaching cake decorating to her culinary arts students, and many of them are getting the hang of it right away. They have to do basic writing, borders and flowers.

“Over the last two classes, she told us everything we’d have to do,” said senior Mindy Davis. Students baked the cakes at home and brought them to school, then made their frosting in class, learning different techniques (like roses) before actually attempting to decorate the real deal. Mindy was writing “Derek Jeter, NY” on her cake because she likes the Yankees, and senior Tanya Bolduc wrote “I love you, Mommy” on her cake “because she’s my best friend in the whole world,” she said.

Other students, like Nemo Khalif, a junior, and Shannon Corliss, a senior, were still thinking about what they were going to write, while sophomore Elise Perkins was filling the frosting bag so she could practice writing “Happy Birthday” on paper first. Erin Simpson, a sophomore, wrote Happy Spring in yellow frosting and followed that up with lavender drop flowers and a shell border.

Stephanie Deschaine, a senior who has been accepted at Johnson & Wales College, was working on a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” theme, writing her letters from right to left so she wouldn’t smudge them with her left hand.

While some students were working on their cakes, others were blowing out the centers of eggs and dyeing them for spring. Senior Brad Ouellette said he’s dyed eggs before, but only at home.

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