Flames threatened the entire West Poland village and for two hours men, women and children labored to save the houses. It was about 2 o’clock when Ernest Archibald who had been busily engaged in his house papering, had occasion to pass out into the yard and there saw flames sweeping out of one of his barns. He gave the alarm and all of the men in the neighborhood hurried to his assistance. The village has no fire apparatus so a bucket brigade was formed by some while others devoted their time to saving the live stock, all of which was finally got out of the barn.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Maine’s automobile license plates will sport a golden yellow background for their black numbers next year and will be a standard 6 by 12 inch size, the Motor Vehicle Division said today. Director Stanton S. Weed said the standard size for all plates is a recommendation of manufacturers, who plan to build a standard size rear number plate receptacle for all makes of cars. The size, he said, will enable the plates to slide into theft resistant fixtures rather than be screwed on brackets. The yellow color was adopted after tests showed most reflectorized plates change color under night time light conditions. Yellow, he said, remains the same.

25 Years ago, 1980

An early ice-out may not necessarily mean better fishing for the avid angler or the occasional fisherman, but it will mean easier access to the open waters. The weekend of April 12 saw the ice out on Lake Auburn this year, resulting in an immediate influx of fishermen to the shores and even boats dotting the lake’s surface.

Jim Plante, son of Paul and June Plante of 192 Central Ave., Lewiston, has been named the Sun carrier of the month for April. Plante, 13, a student at Lewiston Junior High School, serves 50 customers on Pettengill, Russell and Main streets.

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