Grade four

All A’s: Colton Davis, Zach Hartzell, Morgon Wilson.

A’s and B’s: Hannah Huston, Cheyenne Robinson, Gary (Buddy) Williamson.

Grade five

All A’s: Destiny Westleigh, Jacob Wakefield, Lindsey Redgate.

A’s and B’s: Derick Poland, Jonah Thurlow, Naomi Ellsworth, James Piccirillo, Joshua Bonney, Sarah Burnham, Megan LaCroix, Ben Lewis, Natasha Farnum, Echo Hoyt, Taylor Kelly.

The third-quarter perfect attendance honors are announced.

Kindergarten: Kaitlyn Brown, Tehya Johnson, Marcus Wentworth.

Grade one: Jareb C. Billings, Brandon Chase, Akayla Curtis, Jerriah Edwards, Monica Frazer, Ana Harren, Jake Redgate, Cameron Rothwell, Hunter Williamson, Lauren Wilson, Brandon Zadakis.

Grade two: Briana Connell, Chad Jennings, Nicholas Johnson, Spencer Robinson.

Grade three: Megan Chase, Dylan Helms.

Grade four: Felicia Curtis, Colton Davis, Hannah Huston, Brianna Jennings, Cheyenne Robinson, Morgan Wilson.

Grade five: Sean Baumgartel, Joshua Bonney, Hal Harren, Megan LaCroix.

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