Grade eight

High honors: Desiree Abbott, Greg Dexter, Ben Dunham, Brianna Thorndike.

Honors: Wesley Adams, Deserae Kelley, Frank Mitchell, Cassie Morgan, Mitchell Newell, Kenni Norton, Zachary Prudy, Tabby Seavey, Jordan Wing.

Honorable mention: Katie Cabe, Andrew Carleton, Katrina Collins, Corey Tripp, Ben Zanella.

Grade seven

High honors: Jenna Hamlin, Amanda Richards, Lacey Savage.

Honors: Mikayla Burbank, Martin Clarrage, Loretta Crockett, Alana Knapp, Jade Luce, Abigail Pillsbury, Nicole Savage, Chelsea Wing.

Honorable mention: Samantha Boyd.

Grade six

High honors: Danielle Smith.

Honors: Victoria Crockett, Andrew Cummings, Renae Ladd, Eric Mitchell, Forest Mitchell.

Honorable mention: Henry Judd, Tisha Stinchfield, Chelsea Waseleski.

Grade five

High honors: Jazmin Knapp.

Honors: Josh Beedy, Justine Boyd, Brittany Dubuc, Anita Plog, Matt White, Noah Zanella, Caulin Logan.

Grade four

High honors: Holland Corson, Breanna Sargent.

Honors: Michelle Copeland, Annie Dexter, Damon Haggan, Taylor Henderson, Megan Horn, Miranda Smith, Alanna Ross, Raven Riendeau, Mikayla Luce, Todd Katz.

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