On March 21, Oak Hill High School competed for the Future Business Leaders of America State Championship title. Oak Hill received 1st place in the state. The competitions were part of the 2004-2005 FBLA State Leadership Conference held annually at the Sheraton Towers in South Portland.

Oak Hill received 1st place overall in the spirit events and took home the spirit stick. One of the competitions that went towards the spirit stick was the Lip Sync competition (1st place). Other competitions for the spirit award included the Door Decorating contest (1st place) and a scavenger hunt (1st place).

Oak Hill’s FBLA Chapter received a total of 43 trophies. The following are the members who placed in the individual events: Chelsea Cervantes, 2nd in FBLA Promotion Award; Cindy Hanlin, 1st in Gold Seal Chapter Award; Cassie Kupfer, 2nd in Scrapbook Award; Stacy Bartos, 1st in Who’s Who in FBLA and 2nd in Future Business Leader; Holly Rancourt, 3rd in Banking and Financial Systems and 1st in Job Interview; Andrea Lane, 3rd in Accounting II and 1st in Computer Applications; Gabe Fontaine, 2nd in Business Calculations, 1st in Future Business Leader, 2nd in Business Procedures, and 1st in International Business; Jeremy Prue, 3rd in C++ Programming, 3rd in Technology Concepts, and 3rd in Visual Basic Programming; Kenny Clarke, 2nd in Networking Concepts and 1st in Computer Concepts.

Also Lee Reynolds, 1st in Job Interview Skills; Allie Anctil, 1st in Accounting I, 1st in Word Processing II, and 3rd in Multimedia Presentation; Andrew Lunn, 2nd in Word Processing II; Allison Adams, 2nd in Accounting II and 2nd in Local Chapter Business Report; Chris Healey, 3rd in Introduction to Business; Audrey Grass, 1st in Intro to Business Communications; Ryan Michaud, 2nd in Economics and 3rd in Website Development; Ethan Guerette, 2nd in FBLA Principles and Procedures; Hannah Lennett, 3rd in Impromptu Speaking and 1st in Public Speaking I; Eric Daniels, 2nd in Public Speaking II; and Brittiny Gagnon, 1st in Intro to Parliamentary Procedures and 2nd in Parliamentary Procedures.

The following are the team competitions: Cindy Hanlin and Stacy Bartos 2nd in Partnership with a Business; Stacy Bartos, Holly Rancourt, and Gabe Fontaine 3rd in Entrepreneurship; Holly Rancourt and Andrea Lane 3rd in Desktop Publishing; Jeremy Prue, Kenny Clarke, and Chelsea Cervantes 1st in Multimedia Presentation; Lee Reynolds, Josh Therrien, and Brian Bisson 2nd in Business Plan; Allie Anctil and Andrew Lunn 1st in Desktop Publishing; Katie Emmons, Danielle Bourgoin, and Kayla Rancourt 3rd in Partnership with a Business; Hannah Lennett, Brittiny Gagnon, and Eric Daniels 1st in Emerging Business Issues; and the Spirit Stick Team consisted of Samantha Snyder, Jenna Camardese, Selene Corbeil, Joey Gilbert, Dean Stowell, Audrey Pellitier, Amber Murphy, Brandie Deschaine, Frankie Curtis, Scott Daniels, and Brittany Clarke.

This year Oak Hill had three members running for a state office. Allie Anctil ran for State President, Gabe Fontaine ran for State Vice President, and Holly Rancourt ran for State Historian. Running for an office meant campaigning between competitions, giving a speech, and caucusing. Both Gabe Fontaine and Allie Anctil were elected, and Holly Rancourt was reelected. Brittiny Gagnon placed in the Parliamentary Procedures test and became the State Parliamentarian.

In addition to participating in competitive events, the members had the opportunity to attend leadership and motivational sessions. These sessions covered topics such as exploring ethics, the dangers of credit card use, personality traits, commercial clues, and anger management. Randy Judkins was the keynote speaker for the conference. His presentation titled, “Full Esteem Ahead” was both motivational and educational.

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