LIVERMORE – A dozen Livermore Republicans met recently at the Community Building in Brettuns to reactivate the Town Committee. Members of the Turner and Sabattus Republican Committees joined them.

The meeting started with presentations by several of the guests. Amedeo Lauria, Sabattus committee treasurer, spoke on the need for an organizational vision, the components necessary to run an effective meeting, fund-raising, publicity and recruiting and supporting candidates beginning at the local level. He will work with the Livermore group to set up a Web site for their local committee.

Rep. Scott Lansley of Sabattus gave the group an update on the Maine Legislature. Clint Boothby chaired the meeting. Officers were elected as follows: chairwoman, Bonnie Perkins; vice chairwoman, Krystie Martin; secretary, Joanna Said; and treasurer, Jerrold Junkins. Mary Dow volunteered to design and maintain the group’s Web site.

County delegates are Lester and Mary Dow, Matthew and Joanna Said and Rob Renander. Associate delegates include Leola Keene, Carlton Berry, Krystie Martin and Clint and Sue Boothby. A volunteer committee of Clint Boothby, Joanna Said and Lew and Bonnie Perkins was formed to draft bylaws for the committee.

Joanna Said spoke on the May County Republican yard sale and volunteered to be the contact liaison between the town and county committees.

The Androscoggin County Committee will hold its monthly meeting in Livermore on June 20 starting at 7 p.m. at the Community Building in Brettuns. Area Republicans are welcome to attend to learn about what is happening in the Maine Legislature.

The meeting wrapped up with an brainstorming session on upcoming meeting topics and fund-raising events.

The next Livermore Republican Committee meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 7, at the Community Building in Brettuns. All Livermore Republicans are welcome to attend to learn what is happening in the party at the town, county and state level.

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