To the Sporting Editor: We, the Maple Street Stars, wish to accept the challenge which the Bleachery Finishing Room ball team issued this morning. This game we should like to have played on Garcelon’s Field, Saturday, May 20th, and the admission fee shall be 75 cents or $10 and 25 cents for grand stand, 15 cents for bleachers.

Stanley Thomas, formerly of Auburn, who writes under the pen name of Rowland Thomas and was recently awarded the $5000 prize for his Philippine story “Fagan” by Colliers’ Weekly recently, spent a month in Mexico gathering material for a story and is now working on another article.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A request by a newly formed Lewiston and Auburn “hot rod” club for use of a runway at the Lewiston-Auburn Municipal Airport on Sunday afternoon will be discussed at the meeting of the Airport Committee at the Lewiston city building Friday afternoon. Some communities have found that reserving suitable areas for “hot rod” performances gives the owners of these stripped down vehicles an opportunity to enjoy their sport without having to use the regular highways.

25 Years ago, 1980

Next week, Quebec’s ruling Pari Quebecois will attempt to plant a political seed that could flower into a new nation. Premier Rene Levesque want to unearth political freedom for some 6 million French-speaking residents and plow the path towards establishment of a sovereign nation. The first step in the struggle for separatism is a scheduled May 20 referendum in which voters will either grant or deny Levesque the authority to negotiate autonomy.

If the outcome is overwhelmingly “Yes” (meaning in favor of separation from the rest of Canada) then a bumper crop of dissatisfied businessmen stand to be harvested by opportunistic economic development officials from Maine.

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