Arbor Day was observed by all the Auburn schools yesterday, rural as well as city schools. The exercises consisted of tree-planting, garden making, clearing up yards, reading, singing, etc. Grades three and four in Webster school spent the morning in making the yard neat, and in planting two trees.

For the first time since the present season opened local fishermen had great success at Lake Auburn yesterday. The lake was literally covered with boats. At one time during the afternoon ninety-six boats could be counted from the shore of the lake.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Installation of officers of the Jewish Community Center and the Center Women’s League took place at the center Thursday evening, when the fifth anniversary of the institution was observed. About 175 members were present for the ceremonies, which were preceded by a cocktail party and supper.

A 55,000-gallon Texaco bulk storage gasoline tank, unused for several years, was dismantled this week on recommendation of Lewiston Fire Department officials. It was declared a potential hazard. The tank was located in the Federal Distributors Inc. lot at 55 Spring St., Lewiston. The LPD had pressed for dismantling of the tank for some time but the issue was brought to a head recently when a Lewiston man was killed while attempting to deactivate an abandoned underground gasoline tank on Middle Street. This tank exploded, killing the man instantly.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The Kitty Hawk floated to earth Monday at the end of the first non-stop balloon flight across North America, and a champagne-soaked Maxi Anderson declared the four-day voyage was tougher than his celebrated trans-Atlantic journey two years ago. Anderson and his 23-year-old son, Kris, landed their 20-story tall helium-filled balloon in a small clearing on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula at 7:25 a.m. at the end of a 3,000-mile voyage over snowy mountain peaks and broad plains that began in San Francisco last Thursday.

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