Within less than three-quarters of a century the dentist has ceased to be a mere tooth-puller, and has become a man of scientific attainment in medicine as well as surgery. Perhaps never in the history of humanity have the teeth been considered so important as they are nowadays – a condition that may be seen in the fact that since 1870 the number of dentists in this country has increased from about 7,000 to probably over 30,000; that dentists have been regularly appointed in the United States army, and that in time they may also be employed in the naval service.

50 Years Ago, 1955

You pay nothing extra for Ford’s Thunderbird styling…Luxury Lounge interiors…smoother Angle-Poised ride…nor for Ford’s 23-year V-8 experience that brings you Trigger-Torque power! Only Ford offers Thunderbird Styling. Take a closer look at those long low, “front running” lines. From the smart, visored head lights to the tapered tail fins, they’re Thunderbird through and through. Step inside. Colorfully fresh new Luxury Lounge interiors make Ford truly your “living room on wheels.” Only Ford offers Trigger-Torque power. Whether you choose the 162-h.p. Y-block V-8 or 182-h.p. Special V-8, you get split second “Go” when you want it. And with new Speed-Trigger Fordomatic, you’re even farther out front…automatically.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Defying a presidential ban, refugees swarmed across the Florida Straits on Friday, sweltering on squalid boats while a U.S.-charted vacation vessel awaited Cuban permission to carry them in air-conditioned comfort. The Coast Guard beefed up its forces and began turning back boats that tried to leave the Florida Keys to pick up Cubans. By 6 p.m., 3,502 refugees had landed here aboard 44 boats, boosting the 3½ week total in the “Freedom Flotilla” to 50,893.

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