The Red Cross visits Lisbon High School twice every school year. Walking into the high school on days leading up to the blood drive, everywhere you look there is bound to be a poster with the noticeable Red Cross symbol. With barely 90 Seniors and few eligible Juniors, student government asks every eligible person. Staff members are very supportive for the roost part and some find lime to donate as well.

Every donor is given snacks and drinks, and this time there was a special delivery of Papa Johns pizza. If anything will get high school students to give blood, it has to be pizza. With faint music playing in the background and a movie playing off to the side, the comfort level for donors is at a max.

There may be an occasional pass out or someone looking as green as a frog but coming from a person who passed out and had to go home, I still left with a great feeling knowing that I may have saved multiple lives. Overall, the Red Cross is well prepared and always there when someone needs blood thanks to the support from communities everywhere.

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