SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in the Oxford County Registry of Deeds recently.

Florence Y. Buck to Wayne F. and Deana M. Buck, in Milton Plantation.

Sherwood Jordan and Sherwood K. Jorday to Amanda J. Richards, in Albany Township.

Timothy S. Mills to James T. Keith, in Bethel.

St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company to Richard F. Kennagh and Kenneth E. Poland, in Paris.

Sterling A. Mills to Tamara Ashbury and Tamara I Billings, in Sumner and Woodstock.

Patricia T. Jacobs to Jennifer Lynn Buck and Jennifer L. Thone, in Canton.

Jennifer L. Thone and Jennifer Lynn Buck to Patricia T. Jacobs, in Canton.

Delano and Alice Chamberlain to Paul A. Chamberlain, in Hartford.

Timothy S. and Cindy J. Rines to Natalie Esposito and Christa Walter, in Paris.

Jared J. Cash to Jared J. and Jeni Lee Cash, in Norway.

George T. Emond and George T. Edmond to Michael Corriveau, in Waterford.

Francine Berke Dumont to Francine Berke Dumont and Peter Dumont, in Otisfield.

Eva A. Stalmuke to Patrick R. Houghton and Katie L. Manzer, in Peru.

Gordon E. and Beverley A. Bryant to Beverley A. Bryant Trust, in Paris.

Gordon E. and Beverley A. Bryant to Gordon E. Bryant Trust, in Paris.

Gordon E. and Beverley A. Bryant to Gordon E. Bryant Trust, in Norway.

Donald E. Wright and Estate of Silas Wright to Donald E. Wright, in Canton.

G.E. Capital Mortgage Services Inc. and Norman A. and Rita Hutchinson to Richard J. Garrity, in Rumford.

Myron W. Harlow to Myron W. and Evis Harlow, in Woodstock.

Mark L. Mallory and Nancy L. Ball to Laura A. Boyd, in Hanover.

Owen O. and Anne B. Turner to Mark Simpson, in Oxford.

Brandy Maddocks to Judith M. Vanvliet, in Woodstock.

Sunday River Homes LLC to Nickalos D. and Kim M. Ramharter, in Newry.

Gerald E. Perrier to Gary W. and Lorna L. Howard in Byron.

Henry J. and Debra A. Ausburger and Debra A. Flagg to Joseph A. Dobbins, in Hartford.

Julia V. Britcliffe and Julia V. Lusignan to Leo A. and Joanna Lusignan, in Norway.

Estate of Sudie L. Vachon and Paul E. Vachon to Judith A. Whitman, in Bethel.

Robyn D. Savage to Harold G. Savage, in Buckfield.

Michael A. Pulsifer to Ryan S. and Kathryn Adams in Otisfield.

Robert and Robert D. Young to Robert D. and Rosanna M. Young, in Peru.

James E. Twitchell Sr. to James E. Twitchell Sr. and Priscilla J. Twitchell, in Oxford.

Paul L. Brooks Jr. to John Warren Shilling Jr. and Alexandra S. Shilling, in Norway.

John Warren Shilling Jr. and Alexandra S. Shilling to Paul L. Brooks Jr., in Norway.

12th Generation Land Trust LLC and Waterford Properties to Todd W. and Robin M. Karry, in Waterford.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Dennis and Juliya Creaser, in Norway.

Francis G. and Barbara B. Dumont to Simon F. Dumont, in Bethel.

Scott C. Vail to Holman Mountain Land Company Inc., in Dixfield.

Holman Mountain Land Company Inc. to Scott C. Vail, in Dixfield.

Francisco Luis Gonzalez to Scott C. Vail, in Dixfield.

Jeffrey K. Suyematsu to Kathleen Suyematsu and Kathleen Donaher, in Newry.

Randolph and Ann Marie and Anne Marie Crockett to Richard J. Bader, in Waterford.

Edna Aleck to Cory M. and Jennifer Heinzen, in Mexico.

Robert Kearley to Eric R. Stoddard, in West Paris.

Eric Ryan Stoddard to Antoine M. and Kristie L. Louvat, in West Paris.

David A. Bishop to Leigh A. Cluff, in Andover.

Philip L. and Lorraine L. Skinner to Jerry P. and Alan W. Skinner, in Norway.

Louis M. Jurist to Richard B. Neal and Ruta I. Subatis, in Newry.

Wendall R. and Viola M. and Toby S. and Shari D. Whitman to Christopher A. and Lorelei A. Cooper, in West Paris.

William I. Murch and William I. Murch and William I. Murch Revocable Living Trust to William I. Murch and Frances L. Murch in Oxford.

Frances L. Murch and Frances L. Purington and Frances L. Murch and Frances L. Purington and Frances L. Purington Revocable Living Trust to Frances L. Murch and William I. Murch, in Norway.

Jerome S. Benson and Dennis Aylward to Patrick and Patricia O’Neill, in Woodstock.

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