A complete outfit for counterfeiting money was found by firemen early today in Rumford Falls while taking over the debris of a building owned by J. E. McKeeman, which had been destroyed by fire. It was packed in a very heavy box bound with iron and had been placed in the building for storage. Mr. McKeeman would not divulge the name of the person who rented the space, except to federal officials who were summoned from Portland. The outfit included a kettle half filled with alloy, several ladles, a furnace and two dies for making half dollars. One die was dated 1892 and the date on the other was obliterated. A small quantity of nickel was also found.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A new warm temperature peak for 1955 was written in the weather books yesterday afternoon when a beaming sun sent the mercury skyrocketing to 87 degrees in the Lewiston-Auburn area. The new warm mark, is seven degrees above the year’s previous high-mark, set May 4, but the mercury didn’t even get within breathing distance of the all-time warm temperature for the date, a hot 101 registered back in 1911. Hundreds of Twin City folks motored to lakes, seashore and mountain resorts yesterday to climax just about the finest week end weather enjoyed in these parts in a long time. Some were brave enough to take their first swim of the young season.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Is the U.S. auto industry on the verge of collapse? Anyone reading the grim news pouring out of Detroit these days about earnings plunges, plant shutdowns, and worker layoffs might easily get that impression. There is no question that the current sales slump is causing big troubles here in Motor City. But U.S. automakers, conceding that a very difficult struggle lies ahead, have no intention of pulling back from the challenge facing them. U.S. automakers are counting on a new wave of small cars – which they admit have never made them a profit in the past – to do the job.

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