By Damn Hart • Edward Little High School

I’m a slacker and a procrastinator.

I wait to the last minute…and then freak out.

I keep saying I want to change that habit, and that I’m going too, but it’s

like an addiction

If thing seem pretty crappy in your life, then do something about it. It’s

your life, and you control it. You make it what it is. Don’t keep looking into

the past. What’s done is done, and all you have to look for is a future that

you only get to live once. You choose how you live it. Either way,

everyone has the right to complain and criticize – within reason. It’s a

waste to hold grudges. It’s a waste to say things that you will regret.

Smarten up. Don’t be so immature. When someone needs you, be there

for them. They will be there for you when you need them. When you want

something, go for it and push yourself. Take chances, and when things go

wrong just pick yourself back up and try it again. Don’t blame other

people for anything unless it was absolutely their fault. Look at your side,

and see your own faults. Don’t assume. Don’t lie. Don’t stretch the truth.

Love as much as you can.

If you do this, your life would be great. People these days need to learn to

take responsibility. And a lot of people need to mature.

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