Memorial Day in Lewiston was observed in the usual form, and the program which was an elaborate one, was carried out to the letter. Early in the day, the several committees in charge of the arrangements were busy with their duties. At noon a fine dinner was served at Custer Post hall and was largely attended. In the afternoon at 1:30, the procession for the march formed on Park street, right resting on Pine, preparatory for the march to the Riverside cemetery. At precisely 2 o’clock the line proceeded over the following route to the cemetery: Park to Pine, to Lisbon, to Main, to Riverside, to cemetery.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Rabbi Norman Zdanowitz of Congregation Beth Abraham pleaded for unity and understanding among peoples and nations interested in the common goal of peace and freedom when he delivered the Memorial Day address at the exercises yesterday forenoon at the soldiers and sailors’ monument at the county building in Auburn. The rabbi said peoples and nations working for the same aim must be united despite present world conditions and confusions.

Lewiston’s Memorial Day observance yesterday afternoon was considered the best parade in recent years as throngs of spectators gathered on the streets to watch the parade and listen to the programs at the GAR Cemetery on Riverside Street and at the City Park.

25 Years Ago, 1980

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