WINTHROP – Each year the Missions Board of the Winthrop Congregational Church invites parishioners to contribute to the campaign to send warm blankets to people in need. The project has become a familiar and popular event on the church calendar each spring.

The blankets are a simple but effective way to send a message of care and concern to victims of disaster in this country and throughout the world whenever the need arises. Church World Services, the sponsoring organization, distributed more than 20,000 blankets in this country and another 20,000 in other countries in 2004.

The blankets have seen a wide variety of uses – for warm bedding and sleeping mats, for covering drafty openings in shelters and any number of other emergency uses.

Blankets are often given because there is an interest in sharing in a practical mission project that will benefit someone in need, or they are also given in honor of or in memory of a mother on Mother’s Day.

This year the name of each person who contributes to the project will be pinned onto a blanket hung in the church vestry. Board said the campaign already has resulted in 63 blankets being contributed.

Anyone interested in this or any Winthrop Congregational Church activity is welcome to call the church office at 377-2063 for additional information.

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