AUGUSTA – Based on a court decision, Maine legislators who served last year are legally entitled to a one-time extra payment for work they did during a special session, even though they already received a salary for working during that time period.

Twenty-seven percent of lawmakers – 49 – refused; 137 legislators are accepting the cash, including Democrats who initially protested Republicans’ call for the extra special-session pay, according to David Boulter, executive director of the Legislative Council.

Here’s a look at local legislators’ decisions. For those who are accepting the extra pay, the amount is included.

Robert R. Berube, R-Lisbon, yes, $3,655

Joan Bryant-Deschenes, R-Turner, yes, $3,100

Margaret M. Craven, D-Lewiston, no

Philip A. Cressey Jr., R-Baldwin, yes, $4,130

Rosita Gagne-Friel, D-Buckfield, yes, $3,965 **

Theodore Heidrich, R-Oxford, yes, $3,755 **

Randy Hotham, R-Dixfield, yes, $3,255

Deborah Hutton, D-Bowdoinham, yes, $3,700

Rodney C. Jennings, D-Leeds, yes, $3,755

Arlan R. Jodrey, R-Bethel, yes, $3,200 **

Paul Lessard, D-Topsham, no **

Richard Mailhot, D-Lewiston, yes, $4,075 **

Elaine Makas, D-Lewiston, no

H. Sawin Millett Jr., R-Waterford, yes, $4,185

Janet Mills, D-Farmington, no

Stanley Moody, D-Manchester, no

Lillian L. O’Brien, D-Lewiston, yes, $3,865

John L. Patrick, D-Rumford, yes, $3,710

Deborah Pelletier-Simpson, D-Auburn, no

Raymond Pineau, D-Jay, yes, $4,020

Sonya Sampson, D-Auburn, yes, $3,600

Thomas B. Saviello, D-Wilton, yes, $3,765

Thomas F. Shields, R-Auburn, yes, $3,710

Nancy E. Smith, D-Monmouth, yes, $4,240

Richard M. Sykes, R-Harrison, yes, $3,730

Michael A. Vaughan, R-Durham, yes, $3,855

William R. Walcott, D-Lewiston, yes, $3,910

Richard Bennett, R-Norway, no **

Bruce Bryant, D-Dixfield, no

Kenneth Blais, R-Litchfield, yes, $3,620 **

Neria Douglass, D-Auburn, no **

Peter Mills, R-Skowhegan, yes, $4,085

Margaret Rotundo, D-Lewiston, no

Lois Snowe-Mello, R-Poland, yes, $3,840

Chandler Woodcock, R-Farmington, yes, $3,860

** No longer in office

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