WILTON – Bowling results from the Tuesday Summer Mixed League as of May 17 games:


High game scratch: Bill Jordan 255, Bill Allen 223, Larry Duval 219.

High series scratch: Larry Duval 631, Bill Jordan 594, Bill Allen 592. High game handicap: Bill Jordan 281, Paul Smith 253, Larry Duval 251.

High series handicap: Larry Duval 727, James Smith 683, William Dennis 676.


High game scratch: Nicole Dodson 177, Mary Hutchinson 170, Gale Beaulieu 169.

High series scratch: Gale Beaulieu 492, Nicole Dodson 479, Cathy Walton 427.

High game handicap: Mary Hutchinson 241, Elaine Stevens and Virginia Wheeler 236, Cathy Walton 233.

High series handicap: Gale Beaulieu 639, Mary Hutchinson 628, Cathy Walton 625.

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